I love everything about coffee, from the art of roasting coffee and the flavours that can be achieved to the social impact that coffee has with friends, families and strangers all bonding over a cup of it! After retiring as a player from professional rugby, I have been blessed to turn my love for speciality coffee into a business!

Since 2018, I have been obsessed with creating a speciality coffee that is both deeply rich and unique in flavour. At LeCase we only use the highest quality coffee beans from Brazil and Colombia, all of our beans are roasted by my close friend and coffee guru Will (Pact Coffee) and every batch of our coffee is quality checked before packaging to ensure that it is perfect.

I am proud to offer all of my speciality coffee blends to a wide range of partners including cafes, restaurants, corporate offices, and rugby clubs.

It's quick and easy to set up an account with us, so if you fancy sharing my speciality coffee with your customers, drop me an email on info@lecaseparis.com and I'll always get back to you within 24 hours.